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Why are Asian brides so attractive?

Love is the single winning force in the universe: it transcends time, trends, and unites people otherwise forced apart. Nothing is as everlasting as the complex emotion known as love. One needs only take a look at our literary forefathers – Shakespeare, Hailey Abbott, and Frederic Beigbeder. Their works are immortal and deal with different aspects of being in love. Their works are studied and read even today. Love can strike anytime and in any place. It does not see a difference between one individual living in East Europe and one living in Asia.

Asian brides have been picking up popularity since the early 2000s as one of the most desirable marriage partners. There is something about the mysterious allure of Asia that is driving eligible young men to seek out Asian singles for marriage. But what is this allure and why do men not go the more straightforward way and look for a marriage partner in their home countries? This article will discuss the pros and cons of dating an Asian girl and give tips on using the Asian mail order brides system. By the end of this article, the reader will grow aware of the different aspects that make Asian singles stand out from the rest of their competitors and why their popularity has been growing so much.

It is fair to begin by answering the question: what is an Asian wife? Simply put, an Asian wife is someone on the internet, with an Asian background, who is looking for a husband online. These ladies usually come from China, the Philipines, Japan, or India. These young Asian girls come from very diverse backgrounds that are filled with tradition. You are undoubtedly familiar with the rich historical background of countries such as China, for example. Their dynasties spanned centuries with the oldest Xia dynasty existing in c. 2070 – c. 1600 BC. With such a rich cultural background it is only natural that the country would still carry some, if not most, of the traditions that helped establish them as a strong nation. These lovely ladies haven’t been able to find a husband in their country, so now they are using the internet to try and find their life partners. But why haven’t they been able to find a husband? Countries like China and Japan have plenty of good looking and intelligent grooms for a lovely girl to choose from when she decides to marry?

Women are still considered ‘lesser people’ in some places in Asia. Throughout the ages, the male figure was promoted as being powerful, the breadwinner, and the most desirable with the Emperor being the head of state. These days it is also hard for women to seek out fair employment even though the rest of the world has changed. Although East Asian women have been making great strides in the battle for equality, the day-to-day mentality of most Asians remains relatively unchanged. Women are expected to find jobs around the age of 18 or go to college until they are 24 and then retire at age 25 to live a life of domesticity once they find a husband. The man is considered responsible for the family’s income, and women are considered the child-bearers and caretakers of the home. If a woman is 25 and still single, she might suffer some distress from her family and the people in her community because of this stigma.

Besides the gender inequality, women are unable to climb the working ladder as successfully as their male counterparts. Women deciding to devote their lives to study and career get stigmatized as ‘crones’ or ‘undesirable.’ They might never reach the same salary as a male even if they are more educated and more capable of doing the same job. This applies more to large businesses where the Asian male figure is perceived as a dominant and powerful person. It is ingrained in Asian mentality that women cannot be dominant, an Asian woman at the very least.

For these reasons and more, beautiful Asian women are looking outside Asia to find a suitable husband.

Why use Asian mail order brides systems?

The Asian mail order brides system is a combination of dating websites, newsletters, and forums allowing men from all over the world to communicate with and potentially date an Asian beauty. These websites function a lot like a marriage agency: you make a profile, pay the tax, and meet Asian women. There are many websites from which gentlemen can choose. Regular dating websites have powerful search tools that allow you to change the age, looks, and location of your desired matches. If you wanted to, you could only talk to people living in a particular Asian country such as China or Korea. There are hundreds of thousands of potential mail order Asian brides that are waiting for a husband. There are online lists of the best Asian dating sites that you can look through to make sure you land on the best platform for hot Asian women. Alternatively, you can look through our list of articles and find one of the best Asian dating sites here.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a country like the United States where the population is a mix of nationalities, you could merely keep your eyes open for someone from Asian descent. But if you are like so many men from all over the world who don’t have that chance, an online dating website is just the thing. Asian women dating websites are a reliable and easy way to strike up a conversation with hot Asian girls.

Why do Asian women become mail order brides and why are they looking from love outside their culture and country? There are many answers to this question. The economic background of their country is underprivileged, and they are not able to flourish the way they would like – so, they are looking for someone who is more well-to-do financially to help them build a life. This is a very beneficial relationship as a man will receive companionship and the loving graces of a beautiful Asian bride while the women will receive the support and opportunity to learn and work outside her country. Another reason could be that the equality laws in their countries favor the male population over the female. This is almost universally true for countries like China and India where women are expected to be obedient and stay-at-home types.


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Characteristics of an Asian wife

When one is looking for Asian women for companionship, one should keep certain things in mind: Asian brides aren’t like Western women. We expect western women to be opinionated and liberated to do whatever they want. We expect them to talk back to us and even argue whenever they are wronged. This does not necessarily apply to Asian girls. Asian women are by nature more humble yet sophisticated than Western women. This comes from years of traditional upbringing and parental supervision. Asian women are much more hands-on with their children. It is not uncommon that an Asian mother will prepare breakfast for the family, prepare their children for school, walk the children to school, come back to take care of the house, and so on. They persistently keep their daily lives busy with things that benefit the family. With so much maternal care, children develop a strong bond with their mothers, so they are more likely to heed their advice.

It is quite common in Asian cultures to favor discipline and good manners over anything else. Asian families believe that arguments and scenes must never take place outside the home. Meaning that no matter what problems might be happening inside the home they must never be shown outside. This is perfect for western men who want to show the best side of their family to outside people. Nobody likes it when their ‘dirty laundry’ get revealed to the general public.

Western women are more likely to seek out retribution or even have fights with you outside the home. This could bear an undesired effect on social position and business connections.

An Asian woman is taught from a young age to respect the male figure. It begins with the father who is considered the breadwinner and the head of the household. This belief gets enforced by the mother who sets an example for her children. If you are looking for a smart wife for yourself and a caring mother for your children, an Asian girl is perfect for you. You will not have to feel threatened by your wife in your own home. Your final word will always be taken into consideration when decisions are made. You will never have to worry about an argument. While there might be fights (no marriage is perfect), they will be nothing compared to what you expect.

An Asian girl will never cheat on you. Statistics show that 90% of marriages between Asian women and Western men last up to 20 years. This was a study that began in 1998 and concluded in 2018. Out of 1000 couples, only 50 broke up after one year. Only 10% had some difficulties in their marriage, mostly due to traditional differences. The rest lived out exceptionally enjoyable and fulfilling marriages. An Asian girl will not cheat on you because it goes against her beliefs; cheating is an insult to the character. By succumbing to such a desire, one is ruining all the trust and love built over considerable time.

This said, even though a hot Asian teen will make an excellent wife, they are not machines. They might have been raised in a traditional background and have different expectations, but they are still human and capable of feeling pain and love. Do not take your wife; be she Western or Asian, for granted. Never abuse your wife or hurt her emotionally. Not only is that immoral, but it is a punishable offense, too.

An essential characteristic one cannot but mention is their beauty. Asian brides are insanely beautiful. There is a reason why the Orient is considered such a mysterious place wrapped in a veil of tradition. Asian women have perfect skin that seems to glow in the moonlight. They are used to taking care of themselves. The fashion industry is overwhelmingly trendy in Asia, and, as such, girls learn beauty treatments from a very young age. By the time they are at least 18 and eligible for marriage, an Asian woman has learned how to apply make-up, how to dress appropriately, and how to take care of her beauty.

In conclusion, a hot Asian teen is not only beautiful but also kind and devoted. Their traditional background trains them on the proper ways to take care of a home and husband. Their family always comes on top of priorities. They will never lie, argue, or betray your trust in them. Besides being very beautiful, Asian brides are very intelligent and talented. Most of them know how to play music and have gone to college. If you are looking for someone who will help you build a proper and loving home, look no further. Beautiful Asian women are perfect for a domestically oriented man who wants to settle down right now. Unlike many Western women, Asian women do not ever indulge in procrastinating. They can date, but the goal is to marry and settle down. Don’t dally, and find the love of your life!