Ukrainian Brides

What makes Ukrainian brides special?

Simply said, Ukrainian mail order brides are ladies who live in Ukraine and are looking to date or marry a nice gentleman from abroad. 

Ukrainian women are known around the world as some of the most beautiful, most intelligent, and most traditional women. The image of the mysterious Slavic women is well known in fiction and movies. Beautiful and opaque ladies who come from foreign and not so well known parts of Eastern Europe have been glamouring the minds of readers and moviegoers for more than 50 years. It is only recently that these beauties have made their way to the dating market. With the beginning of the 21st century and the rise of cyber life, men all over the world started discovering the benefits of Ukrainian women. Not just in a book or a movie, but with conversations and proper dating.

In this text, we will try to shine some light on the myths and truths that surround the Ukrainian women. We will discuss why Western men take such fancy towards Eastern European ladies. Is it just a trend or is it a more biological process? Is it because of their great beauty or their mysteriousness? Above all, we will give you some hints and tips on how to attract Ukrainian women via online dating and/or a dating website. This text will not be a hookup guide. We will not be telling you how to sleep with Ukrainian girls. Rather, we will discuss the benefits of traditional values and whether Ukrainian women measure up to the hype that has already been built up by television, novelizations, and word of mouth.

First off, yes – Ukrainian women are very beautiful. This fact cannot be disputed. But where does their beauty come from? To begin this discussion, we will have to go back in time, a few centuries into the past, and see how the European Continent was formed. You see, Ukrainian tribes were nomads. They didn’t have a centralized government for the longest time which meant that they could settle in one place and then pick everything up and settle into another place if there was a need. The Ukrainian tribes moved a lot and as a result, were exposed to many different cultures. At the peak of their transience, Ukrainians had contact with Western Europeans and Asians, which led to them breeding with the above cultures. Because of this biological exchange of materials, new genes and a variety of different physical characteristics started entering the different tribes.

This process of breeding build-up lasted over the years. Selective breeding ensured that only the best candidates managed to find partners. What we now consider beauty was actually slowly cultivated by nature over a period of centuries. 

Another reason why young Ukrainian ladies managed to find suitable partners and spread the desirable gene pool had to do with history. The Slavic nations are clad in myths and legends; there are virtually no people who haven’t heard of these myths. One thing, however, is more of a fact, less of a legend. During the 15th-18th centuries, witch trials and witch burnings were prevalent in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in America. But due to the distinctive folklore of the land, there were some differences in witch-hunting. Americans saw strangeness, excess beauty, and prominent talent as something bad. The Puritan way of life did not allow for such frivolity when all that was required was a Christian virtue. As a result, a lot of beautiful and smart young girls were put to death under false allegations of witchcraft. 

Ukrainian population believed in the power of witches and that they were ugly and misshapen on the outside. The evil on the inside was reflected on the outside. As a result, beautiful girls could not be considered witches since their grace and good looks were a reflection of their pure soul. They were spared persecution because of their good looks. Since they were deemed pure and good, they were obviously very sought after by eligible men. Many of these beautiful girls found good homes and prominent positions in society. This forever altered the gene pool and resulted in a surge of ‘good genes.’

There are other reasons why Ukrainian women are so hot, but these are the simplest to explain. The nomadic lifestyle and escape from religious persecution definitely left a positive mark on the nation.


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How to choose hot women for marriage online?

While Ukraine is definitely not a small country – it sports a whopping 40 million inhabitants after the latest count in 2017 – Ukrainian women have some difficulty in finding husbands. The fact is that Ukrainian women outnumber local men, meaning that competition can sometimes get severe. This might sound like a dream for some, but it is proving quite difficult for local girls who only want that special someone by their side. There is also a slight economic difficulty for Ukrainian women in their native land. Since Ukraine is considered a traditionalist country, it is mostly a patriarchy. A patriarchy is a country or family where the male figure (the father) is held in high esteem. Ukrainian men are more likely to find jobs and receive a higher salary, even if the Ukrainian population largely consists of women. This has led a lot of beautiful Ukrainian brides to seek out their fortune somewhere abroad, where the chances are more in their favor.

That is why a lot of beautiful Ukrainian women are taking their pursuit for husbands online. It is a logical step. Online dating and dating services have seen a large boom in the early 2000s, and they have only been growing since. There is no excuse for someone to stay lonely with the Internet. We can reach every corner of the world and communicate with someone who doesn’t even speak our language. Hence there is an oversaturation of Ukrainian brides online.

But how does one choose eligible and single Ukrainian women online? Well, there are websites, of course, and dating apps that cater especially to that demographic. Mailorder Ukrainian brides have become rather trendy in America as of late. Their popularity and the recognition of their good looks have driven thousands of lonely man to pursuit Ukrainian wives. 

One can join a popular Ukrainian brides club, which is Facebook and Reddit communities dedicated to spreading the idea that Ukrainian girls make good wives. One could search on Google and find hundreds of websites where you can chat or talk to, and even buy a Ukrainian bride (not literally, of course – human trafficking is illegal, and so is buying people. Here, paying for a dating service subscription is implied).

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful to Americans?

As we have mentioned, mass media and novels have helped spread the legend of the elusive and beautiful Ukrainian women image throughout the West. The rise of the Internet culture has helped make them more visible to a Western audience as well.

But why are Ukrainian brides particularly attractive to American men? It has to do with tradition. In America, it is quite common for women to be independent. Girls in the US are taught from a young age that they should pursue careers and focus on themselves; it’s only after they reach all their goals that they should think of marriage and starting a family. That is all good, and it is worthy of applause, but it leaves a problem that cannot be fixed. Men who wish to marry have no available partners. More traditional American men who want a good wife and a solid home have nowhere to turn to.

Unlike their American sisters, Ukrainian girls like to combine personal development with building a family. They make excellent wives due to years of traditional values. At the same time, they are amazing professionals, due to their high intellect. Beauty is only skin deep, and any Ukrainian woman definitely has more to offer than just good looks.

Characteristics that make Ukrainian women stand out

One cannot simply state that the entire nation of Ukraine consists of the ‘perfect women’ models. That is unreasonable and unfair. Every single woman has something special about her, no matter if she comes from  America or Ukraine.

However, when we speak about marriage and tradition, we believe that Ukrainian brides have some characteristics that stand out from the crowd. These Ukrainian women characteristics have helped them win their popularity, and there is certainly some truth to a common belief that Ukrainian girls make the best wives.

Ukrainian women are definitely well-bred. Years of selective breeding and influence from foreign countries has left them looking stunning. Not every woman can be a supermodel, of course, but the ratio of beauty to average is definitely tilted towards beauty in Ukraine. Hot Ukrainian brides have fair skin and fair hair; their eyes range from blue to green, and their figures are naturally lean. They have soft-spoken voices with a melodic tone.

Besides these gifts of nature, Ukrainian women take pride in their good looks. In Ukraine, it is not a sin to be prideful of your outer appearance, quite the opposite. Beauty has always been valued in Ukrainian culture. As a result, Ukrainian women brides are more likely to work out and follow fashion trends. Working out so often and so dedicated lets them preserve what nature has given them; and, following the most current fashion trends means that they are in touch with their femininity.

Hot Ukrainian women make excellent wives. Years of traditional upbringing has made them perfect companions. A Ukrainian girl knows how to take charge of a situation, but she would prefer that her partner lead the way. The patriarchal system means that the man is the head of the household and that the women should honor and support him. Some would consider this system outdated and old-fashioned, but in fact, it is quite common in Ukraine. This is one of many reasons why American gentlemen find Ukrainian girls to be such good wives. A man wants to feel safe and secure in his own house. What better than a loving and supportive wife who will help you in your hour of need?

Based on their traditional upbringing, Ukrainian wives make excellent cooks. They are masters of Slavic cooking, which is known around the world as quite a delicacy. The ways of the Chef is passed from mother to daughter. This process may seem old-fashioned and, in a way, it is – since it has been going on for centuries. Since it was traditional in the past for the man to work outside the home and the wife to take care of the house in his absence, ladies have learned how to prepare amazing feasts both for the eyes and for the soul… not to mention, the stomach. They are not afraid to experiment with other cuisines as well. Ukrainian mail order wives can cook traditional foods as well as more foreign ones. Sushi, for example, is very popular in Ukraine right now. It has been growing in popularity for a few years with the number of Asian tourists that have been making their way towards the country. If you are a lover of good food, you might definitely consider to date Ukrainian women. 

Ukrainian brides make excellent mothers. In a statistic that was run in 2015 and targeted towards young families, 80% of young couples with children were noticed to be happier than what was considered the average. Children aged 5-10 were more well-adjusted than their peers. They did better at school and excelled in subjects such as Math and Arts. This is another reason why men are excited at the prospect of marrying a Ukrainian woman. We cannot deny that men are very governed by biology. It is in their nature to want a good mate who will protect their offspring. While love is more complicated than just child-rearing, it certainly plays a part.

Who is better: Ukrainian women vs American women?

Every single woman is a mysterious flower that craves attention and love. They want to receive love as much as they are capable of giving it; sometimes even more than they want to receive it. We will not be bullying Western women or comparing the two harshly. We will just be comparing the different characteristics that make the argument ‘Ukrainian women vs American women’.

We’ve already mentioned that Western women favor their careers over domestic life. This is a result of the recent trend of emancipation that has been sweeping the American nation. Women of all ages and nationalities are being pushed to look out for themselves rather than stand by their men. This is all well, and we do not judge them for it. But this choice makes it difficult for a man to take a backseat in his own life. How will a man feel supported and loved in a family setting if his wife only focuses on her career?

Mail order Ukrainian brides try to do both: build a happy home and a satisfying career. It is not in the nature of Ukrainian young women to distinguish between family duty and personal duty. This is a way of life that has been built over many years.

If however, there is a need that the family should come first, Ukrainian brides will always choose family over their personal affairs. You see, Ukrainian girls are extremely loyal. They will fight battles with anyone who tries to undermine their family’s reputation. If something bad happens, you can expect a Ukrainian girl to drop everything, even her job or education and focus on her family. This is an extreme example, but we think it rings true.

How to win a Ukrainian women’s heart?

If you have made a choice to pursue Ukrainian women online through a dating agency or a Ukrainian marriage agency, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. These are tips and tricks on how not to put off your Ukrainian lady and how to best attract her attention. If you use any of these, you will be taught how to win a Ukrainian women’s heart as easy as saying ‘pie.’

Ukrainian ladies favor those with confidence and charm. You need to speak your mind and say what your real opinion is. Ukrainian girls know when they are being lied to. Never, under any circumstance, try to hide something from them.

Take charge. It’s as simple as anything. When you start dating, and you are both deciding on what restaurant you want to go to, try to sound confident and suggest a place that you think she will like. This will show her that you’re taking the initiative. You will come as attentive and leave the impression that you have researched the place.

When moving in together, always consider her family. Hot Ukrainian women are very closely tied to their families, their fathers in particular. Never attempt to undermine their authority or slander them. This will backfire, and you might lose her forever. It is better to take the softer approach and make suggestions, rather than accusations.

What is the Ukrainian mail order bride system?

Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful? Because they are rare and mysterious? Until recently, you needed to live in Ukraine to have a chance at finding a Ukraine girl for marriage. Now, with an invention of dating services, it’s very easy to find Ukrainian brides who are willing to come and live with you.

Finding a legitimate Ukrainian dating site with hundreds of alternatives swarming the Internet can a bit frustrating at first. So, always check your facts before committing. Read reviews and talk to people who have used these services in the past. There isn’t just one Ukrainian marriage agency on the market, so take your time. You wouldn’t want to ruin your chances at finding true love by using a cheaper or inappropriate agency.

Looking for Ukrainian women for marriage has never been easier than it today. These days, we have so many options that there is no excuse not to follow your heart or try your luck. A man can be sitting in his house in America and start chatting with the potential love of his life with just a few clicks on his laptop. You can find your true love online faster than ever before.