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The review of Ashley Madison website of dating (winter 2019/2020)

We all want to have a hookup sometimes – no matter if we are in any sort of connection or single. The Ashley Madison website, the review of which you are now reading, is exactly such a place. Here, you won’t need to worry about the insufficient database of users (as it can be the case with other websites of similar direction), as millions of people all over the world visit it every month. Also, people here know what they are looking for – a quick hookup if both sides find each other attractive.

Let’s take a closer look at the Ashley Madison website in this review.

The editorial review of Ashley Madison

The Ashley Madison website started its operation in 2001 when it was registered in Toronto. Now, the following domain addresses are viable:,, Seems like they all belong to the same company, as after the registration a user is delivered to the domain

You should know that there are fake links to the Ashley Madison website – like (as you see, ‘m’ letter is switched to two letters ‘rn’, which are similar visually to the “m” letter). They are met even on reputable sites with reviews and promos. But using this fake address, you are going to be scammed down, not receiving any satisfaction from using it. So please rigorously check the address of the Ashley Madison website that you are using in order to avoid scam and phishing. 

The Ashley Madison website is highly ranked globally, having #10,304th place worldwide and such places in those countries, which use this site the most:

  1. #3,837 in the US (50.6% visitors)
  2. #1,789 in Canada (12% visitors)
  3. #2,773 in Mexico (9.6% visitors).

Every average user spends on the Ashley Madison website approximately 4 minutes, viewing 2.9 pages in the depth. Also, the biggest share of users of this website also goes to such places as & – obviously, they are seeking for much bigger intimate openness in pictures than the Ashley Madison website can deliver (as you won’t see naked pics on the Ashley Madison website, they are all discreet – at least, those that are open to the general public).

The main idea of people visiting this website is to find somebody for a sexual hookup – without linking to a person’s status (married, single, engaged, in any other type of relations or without them). The biggest advantage why people go here is that because they know hooking up here is easy, as other people are here with the same goal, so they will not waste time and money on having many casual dates. It is quite possible to start having sex already in 5-10 minutes after you show up on a meeting with a person – to his or her hotel number, apartment or house. Sex without obligations, which can be repeated with a partner whom you liked – what can be better in adulthood?

To make your pastime on this website effective and efficient, the owners of the Ashley Madison website cut everything that could interfere with finding, chatting, and meeting one another. Thus, all you do on this site is just searching for people, investigating their profiles, and getting in touch. The extensive catalog of people will be revealed in front of your eyes as you scroll down. To narrow it down, you can and should indicate the search criteria: the radius from your current location (in miles – for instance, 10, 20, 50). Thus, you will be able to drive by at the end of the day.

However, if you are looking anyone for anything more serious than just one-night stand then it is also possible with the Ashley Madison website. Users here indicate their goals of being on the site – and many of them indicate ‘Anything goes’, which means they are totally open for all opportunities that this website offers people. Also, some people search here partners in another city, as they plan to travel there. It’s always better to have a partner in a city you don’t know, who will be able to host you for several days, show you nice cafes and restaurants, as well as to be with you during your stay. This is like Couch Surfing site only with advantages 😉

Registration process

There is nothing hard in registration – you just enter a few fields during a minute or two to get started:

  • Relationship status
  • Username
  • Password
  • Location
  • ZIP or postal code
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail (should be valid, as you gonna have to activate your profile with an incoming letter).

That’s it. Good enough for the first step. But in order to receive much more feedback from other users on your messages, you’ve gotta fill in the rest of the information in your profile:

  • Add your picture (discreet, without nudity)
  • Tell where you are (exact location)
  • Your greeting to everyone
  • A little more about yourself (in a free-text form)
  • Weight and height (and – if you did not tell yet, your birth date)
  • What are your interests and goals of being on the site?

That’s pretty much it concerning what you are asked to fill in. Nothing superfluous, as you may meet on other sites – and you are not overwhelmed with questions.

Interaction with users

After the registration and fulfilling of info about you, you just do the search of users based on the criteria. After that, you open the profiles of those to your liking, see their info and pictures and – if you have sufficient balance – start chatting to them. The goal is to have a mutually beneficial conversation, which corresponds to your goals. 


You are not pushed to pay. But if you want to interact with other users, then you simply have to. You will not be able to write them and respond to their letters unless you refill the balance by purchasing one of the three available packages of credits (the site’s internal currency):

  1. Basic. 0.49 dollars for 1 credit. 100 credits available.
  2. Classic. 0.3 dollars for 1 credit. 500 credits.
  3. Elite. 0.25 dollars for 1 credit. 1,000 credits. This option will also highlight your profile amongst others to seem different from the crowd.

Also, the system offers you from time to time to purchase credits with discounts, as you enter your profile, which does not yet have balance.


There are too few opportunities for people to meet in reality for having sex without all those attached things. The Ashley Madison website makes it possible, as time-saving in a life filled with the time-eating job is important. Yes, you pay something to use it – but it is far lesser than you would pay for dates (lunch and wine may eat up hundreds of dollars). So, using it, you receive a high probability of having a classy time – with all possible continuations that you wish and agree with your partner. Enjoy your experience with the Ashley Madison website!

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