Russian Brides

Russian brides: All you want to know

Russian wives keep conquering the world. Since the 1990s, more and more men in the USA, European countries, and even the Arab world choose Russian women for marriage. Of course, different men get attracted by different qualities and every Russian woman is unique. But we can still single out some mutual benefits anyone gets from such a marriage. No matter where you belong and what you do, marrying a girl from Russia will bring you true happiness. We are going to discuss this opportunity below, alongside with other details you should be aware of when you decide to invite a Russian bride to your home.

A lot of bachelors can’t get rid of questions like:

  • ‘Should I marry a Russian girl?’
  • ‘Am I the only one who can’t stop dreaming about a Russian beauty?’
  • ‘Do Russian women make good wives?’
  • ‘How can I find the right woman from Russia?’
  • ‘Is it safe to search for Russian brides online?’

Can you? We have researched the answers for you and millions of men like you. The allure of beautiful Russian brides for a foreigner is not difficult to explain and can be narrowed down to three main points: beauty, personality, and family values. These, alongside with cooking and housekeeping, make them perfect wives. But still, a lot of men are worried about starting to date Russian women. There are a lot of myths and gossips about gold diggers and scam websites. If you are tired of controversial information, this article is what you need! Here, we have revealed the whole truth about Russian brides.


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Are they indeed so beautiful?

It is excellent to have an attractive wife, isn’t it? However, a marriage doesn’t get built on this. Yes, you may feel very much in love at first, but later, when the charms fall, you will need other qualities in your life partner to be happy. So, maybe, hot Russian brides are not who you want, right? Wrong and a million times wrong! When you get to know a Russian woman, you will get surprised by how genuinely their inner beauty matches their appearances. You will also notice that their looks don’t influence their personality in a negative way which is next to impossible in western countries.

First of all, why are they so beautiful? How can all Russian women brides who come to other countries can be equally attractive? The tint of unexplainable makes men from all over the world want hot Russian women even more. But although this seems to be a miracle, there is nothing supernatural in Russian beauty – genes and proper care play their part. The percentage of pretty ladies is notably high in Russia. So, a woman is rarely treated better because of her natural beauty. The point is that, in Europe, being beautiful was severely punished in the times of witch hunt. This didn’t just influence the European gene pool terribly but also had an impact on the way contemporary women perceive themselves.

In Russia and other Slavic countries, beauty was never considered to be a crime. As a result, women there have better inheritance and are not intimidated by the fact that men pay attention to their looks. They wear makeup every day, not just for first dates and special occasions. They also know how to create an impression of looking entirely natural while wearing makeup, high heels, and appealing outfits. The majority of women in other countries have lost this talent.

Beautiful Russian women are not as spoiled as hotties from other countries for the same reason. There are too many beauties. They know that they deserve the best. But for them, ‘the best’ is tenderness and attention of a loving husband, not super expensive jewelry and staying in five-star hotels every single vacation. This is amazing how Russian girls can find a balance between looking so great and having a pure heart.

Why do men want to marry hot Russian brides?

We will never judge women from any country for their values and views. All women are beautiful and unique. They all deserve to get that for what they struggle. But just like every individual, every nation has its destiny and history and it cannot but make a notable impact on the character. A lot of men in Europe and North America are proud of women in their countries and even consider themselves to be feminists. Men often want to be supportive. But they also often want a family and a lot of kids. But it is harder and harder to find a woman with the same values at home. Luckily, there are countries where a woman’s personality got formed under different circumstances.

Russia is the most popular country where foreigners search for mail order brides. Even if a lot of bachelors fall for their beauty, the main reason is not the way they look. Russian women seem to have been created for marriage. In some ways, it is true. They are taught family values since they are little girls. Besides the enormous influence of their mothers who teach them everything about cooking and household, the state itself promotes the ideas of a traditional family. There are many holidays dedicated to that. It might seem to be propaganda to American feminists. But this is also a redemption to men who want a family they had (or dreamt about) when they were kids.

There is another argument against Russian mail order brides in our society. Many people state that it is better to be with a woman focused on her personal growth than with the one who has no interests beyond the family. And we could not agree more! The only thing you have to mention is that having nothing in their lives but family is not about Russian women. They value their children and husbands most of all, but they are the most well-rounded ladies in the whole world. One can also explain this with historical and social reasons.

Being well-educated is one of the most general priorities in Russia. Moreover, the tendency to get an education is more characteristic to women, not men. In Europe and the US, it is all the way around. So, there is an excellent chance that if you find a stunning bride there, you might get disappointed with her intelligence. In Russia, even if a girl can’t afford to get a degree she, at least, tries to get a profession (often in the beauty industry). Just in case. People there feel very insecure, and they don’t get enough unemployment benefits, so they are used to working. It is interesting that even women who don’t have kids yet are very tolerant and helpful to mothers in the working place. All women there are ok with this part of life and understand how vital it is.

Bon Appetit! or another reason to adore Russian wives

It seems that in today’s world women only cook to get to TV-shows like ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’ In real life, they eat takeaway food from restaurants after a working day and feed the whole family with it. It gets even worse when wives and mothers buy canned pre-made dishes (not even ingredients) and serve dinners right from the can. This happened to American women first. Then, it has spread worldwide. You might be surprised, but there is canned food in Russia, too. But the difference is that it has a minimum share of the market because no one in their right mind will ever choose to eat it, – only in extreme situations.

Women in Russia have a lot of hobbies and do a lot of crafts. Among others, cooking has an exceptional place in their lives. First of all, this is a necessity because unhealthy eating is dangerous and, ridiculously enough, more expensive. How so? – one might ask. We all know that eating healthy can cost you a fortune. In Russia, to the contrary, there are plenty of farmer fruit and vegetables that don’t cost that much. And the main point is that any Russian woman knows how to cook those ingredients to make a healthy, nutritious, and inexpensive meal. Russian wives who live in other countries still manage to cut the costs. This is a talent that should be valued, but it is not why we love what they cook.

The main reason is the taste, of course. There is no similar kholodets, borsh, or pelmeni prepared by different Russian housewives. But they all taste divine. Traditions that run in the family give Russian dishes individuality. It is almost mystical how 5-6 ingredients can turn out into the cuisine that deserves to be on the menus of the best restaurants. All men in the world dream about trying such dishes, not to mention tasting them daily together with their beautiful wife.

Happy husbands of Russian wives know it is worth it

Every time you doubt your decision to marry a Russian woman, turn to the feedback left by men who have found their happiness on dating services.

Nathan from Seattle explains what made him turn to online dating and what is the result of his efforts:

‘There are so many single people in the US because men and women seek for different things. I would even say they look in different directions. If you want your woman to be a housewife and have a big family, you can be sent right to a therapist to deal with your mother issues. But what is wrong with a dream of a traditional family? It seems to be in the way of a career. All of the women in this country want a career, even if is it just an Instagram blog. And none can find time to be a wife to an ordinary man with values and dignity, to raise his kids. I got so tired of this hypocrisy and decided to look for other options. I found plenty of information about women from different parts of the world and signed in one of mail order Russian brides services. Without much hope, I wrote to several women, some replied. Among them, there was my wonderful bride Nastya without whom I can’ see my life anymore. She understands me better than anyone on this earth, and we will always be together.’

Luke from Boston never thought he would be dating a foreign girl. But his destiny sent him a woman of his dreams with the help of a Russian brides club:

‘I didn’t think I needed a woman from another country, as I never considered myself to be old-fashioned. I dated one girl, then another – but nothing worked. I searched for a problem in me. But there was no problem. I wanted to be respected and to give my future wife everything. Spoil her a little bit, you know. But all the girls I dated were all too spoiled already. So, I had to make a change. And, luckily, I found a dating website. First, I got shocked: how many beautiful young ladies there were! They all had dreams about family, just like I did. Later, I found my soulmate, Inga, and I’ve never been happier!’

These and many other examples suggest that, no matter what, you should give online dating a shot. Some men find their wives within a couple of days. Other need much more time. But eventually, a man who wants to be in charge of a family never regrets turning to such websites.  

How Russian ladies see a family life

Every dating agency insists on explaining Russian family values to foreign men because this is the essence of a woman’s personality there. Every girl has a dream of happiness and, in their opinion, this is having a family. Everything else is done for it – improving their health and appearances, getting an education, succeeding at work, etc. It doesn’t mean that a Russian woman gets lost in a family, as it may seem to a western lady. In Russia, women find motivation in the very fact they have (or will eventually have) a family. This thought gives them the energy to grow, to be a role model for their kids, to make their husband happy and proud. One may state that Russian women are less egoistic. But on the other hand, they take joy in what they do for others, just like western women take joy in what they do for themselves. Can it be called egoism? We call it love and inspiration.

The number of Russian mail order wives is increasing year after year. We do understand why men want to get married to a Russian beauty so much. But what makes women search for love online?

Some of the reasons are similar to the ones men have. The lack of time is what makes people of any gender search for a soulmate on the Web. Curiosity and following their dreams make them consider marrying a foreigner. This both works for men and women, and these tendencies are mutual for people all over the world.

However, when you want to date Russian women online, you should know that they also have reasons of their own, in addition to what we have already mentioned. First, Russian women have to face drastic underappreciation at home. This doesn’t only concern their looks. Probably, the abundance of beauties with traditional family values makes men blind to the treasure they might have. Secondly, men in Russia are scarce in emotions and tenderness, so women search for caressing elsewhere. And finally, a lot of Russian women would like to marry a man with enough income. Don’t get it wrong because in Russia it is possible for a woman to marry someone who doesn’t work and even have no intention to do it any time soon. You don’t need to be super wealthy. Basic financial security would be excellent. Everything is clear in comparison, as the Russians say.

What men are popular with Russian mail order brides

Russian women are very wise. Even when you only start chatting with Russian brides online, you can notice how they inspire men in challenging situations. They see the good in the darkest of times and can forgive a lot. They say that a Russian woman will do everything to keep her family together. On the other hand, they will never sacrifice their lives to a man that isn’t worth it. However, they have a clear vision of what they expect their man to be and they are not going to compromise that.

In their opinion, a man has to be ‘strong.’ Of course, a rare woman means it in a physical sense. Although they like men to take care of their body, this is not essential. Real strength comes from the heart. Russian women search for the energy to go through the hard times, the desire to protect his family, the intention to give his woman whatever she needs, etc. Besides, there should also be an ability to admit her achievements as a wife – at home, with children, and in relationships. Plenty of men take women for granted, but this is positively not what single Russian women are searching.

The manners are essential in your relationship with your future wife. Men in western countries are not used to be polite to women anymore. Instead, they try to be as politically correct as possible. But what is considered to be correct in the US, for example, is rude in Russia. This is a culture of paradoxes. For example, a man is obliged to give up a seat to a woman standing next to him. He doesn’t aim to be polite or impolite. This is just a way of living, typical behavior of any man even if he is not a nice person at all. Such gestures can be called traditional. Besides these, there are a lot of other gestures that can demonstrate your manners. Be a real gentleman, and you will get the attention of your potential bride.

How to impress a Russian woman on the first date

When you find your soulmate on the website, meeting her is just a matter of time. Here is our humble guide on how to make your first date with a Russian woman successful.

  1. Your date knows she looks great, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to tell her about it. Russian girls regard compliments as the first sign of having grasped the man’s interest. If compliments go right from your heart, they will never scare a lady. So, you can praise everything. And if you get invited to a lady’s home and she cooks for you, there should be no limits to the kind words you say about the dinner.
  2. Women in Europe and America talk a lot. And they mainly talk about themselves, their jobs, and everything else in their lives. Sometimes, you wish they take some interest in what you have to say. But they don’t. A Russian woman does, and she could listen endlessly. However, if you ask her about her ideas, dreams, and experiences, she will gladly share it with you. Besides, she will highly estimate your politeness in a conversation.
  3. Be yourself and don’t try too hard. Russian women like confident men, and there are many ways to show them your confidence. First, don’t buy a Russian bride and her attention with super expensive presents. It is only appropriate on some occasions, but on a first date, it might seem rude. Flowers, on the other hand, always work well – no matter whether it is a pricy bouquet or a bunch of freshly cut camomiles.
  4. Try to match up. We have discussed the beauty of Russian women and the efforts they take to look gorgeous. Imagine, you have dinner with a lady who looks like she has come from a fairytale, and you are casual and untidy. Even though no woman will show her disappointment, this is like a slap in her face. Take enough time to dress up and mind your manners.